Floppy Disco

Now and then I like to DJ. Going under the name Floppy Disco, I spin tunes moving between afrobeat, Brazilian rhythms, jazz, tropical curiosities, soul, funk, disco and reggae.

During quieter times, I enjoy other adventures into folk, gospel, spiritual jazz and highlife. For a selection of this sort of thing, I curate a series of Late Night Radio Hours with friends. These are musical voyages for late night listening, compiled very infrequently.

Here’s a bunch of Spotify playlists featuring music I’ve been enjoying over the years.

Box of Treasures Volumes 1 – 6.
These are literally boxes of great music that I’m discovering or re-discovering again. Once I’ve had enough, I move onto a new box. Volume 6 is still under construction.



Box of winners. Here’s a sample of the variety of tunes that I like to throw into DJ sets.

Hip Hop Foundations. I have a lot of love for hip-hop and discovering the incredible soul, jazz and funk music that are sampled in the tunes. Here’s a playlist I’ve been putting together around that.