If you like the music of Au, it is helpful to know that it’s pronounced Ayy-you. That’s been bugging me for a long time and stopped me mentioning them to anybody. Here is one of their better known songs from the album Verbs, which interestingly, some chap has placed over some videos of dances from around the world. In order of appearance we have:

  1. Bavarian dance (from Germany, filmed at a traditional costume club in the city of Au (yes, that’s Au!) in Germany.
  2. Cueca, the national Chilean dance
  3. A Māori dance from New Zealand
  4. Dancing to a Mariachi band in Mexico
  5. Inuit ladies doing a traditional dance
  6. Vogue battling, Philly style
  7. Traditional Korean dance
  8. An Iranian girl dancing in the classroom
  9. A Mongolian Dancer dancing a Spanish Dance