Thorpeness, Suffolk

Just look at these beautiful wild flower meadows, found near the small village of Thorpeness in Suffolk. My grandfather lived here for many years and my earliest summer holidays were spent here. Although I have only distant memories of the place, it felt familiar. He lived in a bungalow, along a quiet road, with a path leading through the dunes and onto the sand and pebble beach.

Thorpeness was designed as a holiday village and developed by a Scottish barrister, architect and playwright called Glencairn Stuart Ogilvie who made his money designing railways. He bought much of the area in 1910 and built the village as a holiday place for his family and friends. It’s now a quiet village of around 400 people, with this number quadrupling over the summer from tourists. One of the most prominent features of the village is the house in the clouds: a water storage tower disguised as a house.