For over 10 years I’ve been playing music covering afrobeat, Brazilian rhythms, jazz, tropical curiosities, soul, funk, disco and reggae. I also love bass, beats, deep house and techno.

In quieter times, I play  dub, folk, wonky experimental beats, gospel music, spiritual jazz, highlife and primitive folk tunes. For a nice selection of this sort of thing, I’ve recently been curating a series of Late Night Radio Hours with friends. These are musical voyages for late night listening, compiled infrequently.

There’s no recent DJ sets to share but here’s a bunch of Spotify playlists featuring music I’ve been loving over the years. I sometimes DJ under the name Botanical Sounds and I’m building a sound system around this.

To enquire about bookings, just pop me an email.

Box of Treasures Volumes 1 – 5 


Some choice cuts, for djing…

More Choice Cuts! Reggae Selecta