Hi. My name is Samuel Smith. I work in sustainability, interested in how we can be smarter in the way we live and interact with our planet and each other. Much of my work focuses on how we can create shifts in our food and farming systems so they support better livelihoods, healthier lifestyles and greater biodiversity. I’m particularly interested in rapid decarbonisation, regenerative design and deep adaptation. I work at Forum for the Future, an international NGO based in London, and also the Farm Carbon Toolkit, a UK enterprise that supports farmers to measure, understand and act on their greenhouse gas emissions.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing guitar and violin, going swimming in wild places and spending time in the mountains. Now and then, I also love to DJ, playing all sorts of musical curiosities.

This website is to share some occasional reflections, often related to my work in sustainability. I also have some music pages and a “scrapbook” which is an irregular photo-log of adventures which is for myself, more than for anyone else. I do this instead of social media which I find come with all sorts of social stress, distractions, sneaky and rather frightening behavioural manipulations, not to mention the data privacy issues. I still use Twitter sporadically.

Thanks for visiting and if you’d like to get in touch, you can drop me an email: hi at thisissamsmith.com.