The 3 Peaks (London Version)

The idea started as a six peak challenge. Rather than the real six peaks of Great Britain (potentially fun, but strenuous and costly), we thought about six peaks of London: beautiful places with beautiful views of London. We visited a bunch, mapped them (see here), and ended up choosing three (rather than six, more through laziness than anything else). Here’s the route.

The aim was an activity at each peak. Starting at Telegraph Hill Upper Park, where we ate lunch, played a bit of scrabble and had a good old traditional egg and spoon race.



Then off to One Tree Hill, via Nunhead Cemetery, which is a vast and beautifully overgrown hidden treasure of London. Here, we were fortunate to get a spooky tour of the Crypt, from the Friends of Nunhead Cemetery.




Next, was One Tree Hill where there are amazing trees and lots of edible fruits.


After snacks and cider, we headed through Peckham Park and up to Franks Bar, which is on top of the Multiplex Car Park, where there was a surprise orchestra and incredible sunset over the London skyline! A perfect day.