I want to fall in love…

My friend Richard Watkins is a lovely gentleman who sketches out some of his thoughts onto paper. These sketches, known as Pen Paper Pause, are snippets of interesting ideas, concepts and ponderings about the world around us.

Lately he has embarked on another project, called Take it and Run. The idea is to take one of his pictures and run with it – remix it – do something new with it. And the contributions to this project have been amazing. It is such a pleasure to watch friends get creative and make stuff.

Being a fan of anything with the word ‘remix’ in it, I was glad to join in and choose this drawing:


I carried around those words for a few weeks and for some reason I kept thinking of dating websites, which are, in some ways, quite peculiar places. In our quests for companionship, dating websites are quickly becoming a standard tool to have in the mix. Apparently, they are the largest segment of “paid content” on the web other than pornography. Right now, millions of people are sitting at a desk, shopping for love. With each click of a profile, there is a glimmer of hope. “I want to fall in love with that person…”.

So without further ado, allow me to introduce The Soul Sampler: an ultra-compact, multi-touch audio love machine, giving you exclusive access to 15 real-life dating profiles. Not only that, it creates that atmosphere for love with a set of programmable beats, basslines, keys and effects for your remixing pleasure.

The video below, made by my dear friend Tom, shows the making of The Soul Sampler (rrp: £2,999) and a schematic of it’s workings are presented after: