Reimagining Economics

I wanted to start my revitalised blog by writing about some of my work interests. This post is all about our footprinting, economics and decision making. It’s some loose thoughts I’ve been playing with.  I’m interested in the question of how we can shape our economy to achieve a better harmony between our ecological, social… Continue reading Reimagining Economics

Living in a doughnut

A few years ago, the Stockholm Environment Institute released a paper on planetary boundaries. I failed to rouse much interest from friends about the paper, but it had me tremendously excited. It provided me with a much needed framework to describe how climate change isn’t the only major threat of our lifetimes, there are several others and… Continue reading Living in a doughnut

What can we learn from M-Pesa?

One of the interesting technology revolutions that’s happened here in Kenya is mobile banking. M-Pesa, (M for mobile, and pesa means money in Swahili) is a service that you set up on your phone, enabling you to pay for things by text message. After topping up your M-Pesa account, you can easily pay friends, bills… Continue reading What can we learn from M-Pesa?