Sowing Seeds in the Desert, reflections on Fukuoka

My mind is often bubbling with enterprising project ideas and I’m grateful to feel so stimulated in life. Ideas spark the most when reading a visionary non-fiction book. I recently read Sowing Seeds in the Desert by Masanobu Fukuoka. It’s one of those books where you feel compelled to write notes as you go along,… Continue reading Sowing Seeds in the Desert, reflections on Fukuoka

Passion #2: Permaculture

I wanted to start my revived blog by writing about 5 passions in my life. This one is about permaculture: Permaculture has given me a new lens to look at land and design – a lens that has renewed my hope for our future. I was introduced to permaculture in December 2011 while I was living… Continue reading Passion #2: Permaculture

Finding water

Last night I watched a documentary from the incredible series Human Planet. It focused on the ingenious and astonishing lengths people go to in order to have access to water. From community traditions found in the Sahara including Algerian tunnellers that tap into ancient water networks, to fog harvesting in the Atacama desert in Chile,… Continue reading Finding water

Low-tech drip irrigation

We’ve been planting trees in the field around the access:energy workshop. Four moringa (moringa arborea) and a mango tree. To save us having to water the plants each day, my colleague Caleb suggested we use glass bottles to do it for us. After digging a small hole next to the plant, you fill it with water.… Continue reading Low-tech drip irrigation